Organ Pipes

St. Mary's Virtual Pipe Organ

The one-manual organ, built in 1865 by Wilkinson of Kendal was overhauled in 2005. Click here for a full specification.

The tracker organ has now been sampled. Even the extraneous sounds of switching on the blower, pulling out the stops etc. have been included.

Watch St. Mary's Virtual Pipe Organ in action
JS Bach - Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier (BWV731)
JS Bach - Heut' triumphiret Gottes Sohn (BWV630)

To create a Virtual Private Organ of the St. Mary's Crosthwaite organ, you will need the following:-

  1. Download and install the GrandOrgue software.
  2. Download the organ definition file (StMarys.orgue - 449Mbytes). The GrandOrgue installation will create folders in your "Documents" folder. Put the organ definition file into "Documents\GrandOrgue\Organ".
  3. Run GrandOrgue. If you haven't connected your MIDI keyboard yet, just click OK and OK. Otherwise select your MIDI device. The program will now start with the default demo organ. Click "File->Open" and select the St. Mary's organ file (documents\GrandOrgue\Organs\StMarys.orgue).
  4. Right-click the manual on the graphical organ picture. You will be asked to play C on your keyboard two octaves below middle C. Release the note quickly after you have pressed it. Then when prompted, repeat with the F, 3½ octaves above middle C.
  5. If you have anything on your keyboard that would work as stops, right-click on a stop. Open the stop when prompted and close the stop when prompted.
  6. When all is done, click "File->Export Settings/Combinations".